Annascaul Black Pudding, wrapped in Parma Ham with a Sundried Compote

Serves 4


400gr Annascaul Black Pudding
50gr Green Olives
50gr Red Pepper
4 Slices Parma Ham
200gr Semi-dried Tomatoes
2 tsp Chopped Basil
50ml Olive Oil
Basil Sprigs to garnish


Blend black pudding, olives and red pepper together lightly in a food processor. Shape mix into cigar shape rolls. Lay parma ham on cling film and wrap black pudding mix in Parma ham.To make compote, mix tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Colour and seal the black pudding in a medium pan and finish for 5 minutes in a moderate oven.

To serve:

Once the pudding is cooked, slice through the middle and place in the centre of the plate. Serve the compote around the edge of the plate. Garnish with fresh basil sprigs.

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