Annascaul Black Pudding filled with Smoked Gubeen Cheese & a Fruit Compote & Rocket Salad

Serves 4.


400gr Annascaul Black pudding
200gr Smoked Gubben Cheese
150gr White Breadcrumbs
100gr White Flour
2 Eggs
Rocket Salad
Fruit Compote of Choice
Salad Dressing of Choice


Grate the cheese and shape into 4 round shaped pieces. Mash the black pudding and then shape around the cheese. Each piece should weigh roughly 150gr. Then pass through flour, Egg wash and Breadcrumb.

Deep fry to Brown @ approx 180c and Place into moderate oven for about 2 minutes to insure cheese has melted.

To Serve:

Dress the Rocket leaves with chosen dressing and place in the middle of presentation plate. Slice the black pudding to show melted cheese and serve fruit compote around the edge of the plate.

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