Traditional Irish Sausages


Annascaul Traditional Irish Sausages

Are you looking for traditional Irish sausages? Annascaul Traditional Pork Sausages are porky perfection made with quality Irish pork.

Our sausages are very high in quality meat content (75%), and more importantly the Irish pork is always streaky pork belly and not a mixture of lean and fat which the majority of sausages are made from. Annascaul sausages are hand filled into natural lamb casings, not synthetic casings which are most commonly used. Our sausages  have half the fat of other sausages. They are delicious grilled, fried or barbecued. Note how little fat there is after cooking! They are also delicious cooked in a casserole or added to a pasta sauce – a big hit with adults and children alike.



Annascaul Pork and Black Pudding Sausage

We love the pudding and we love the sausage and decided to combine the two! This sausage is darker in colour and has a lovely twist to it from the black pudding. It packs a punch!



Annascaul Home-made Pork and Black Pudding Sausage Roll

The best of both worlds – Annascaul Black Pudding and the traditional pork sausage combined.



Annascaul Home-made Sausage Rolls

Using our own sausage meat we make up delicious sausage rolls. They are a firm favourite with adults and kids alike and are great as a snack, lunch box filler or as a party canapé.


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Annascaul Traditional Bigger  Sized Sausages

This larger sausage is identical in flavour and ingredients to our regular sausage. It is just bigger! It is ideal for the barbecue or for bangers and mash.



Sausage Meat

The perfect stuffing! This sausage meat adds zest and spice to your stuffing. We also use it for meatballs. A family favourite is meatballs of sausage meat and minced lamb.(See recipe ideas)


Annascaul Black Pudding Co:


Annascaul Black Pudding Co.’s website includes an online shop that allows you to buy our handmade Black pudding, White pudding, Rashers and home made traditional pork sausages from the comfort of your own home.

For more information see Annascaul Black Pudding Co. news

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