Annascaul Irish white pudding and black pudding range

White pudding was first made in 2005 and complements the black pudding as either a breakfast or starter dish.

Our signature product, Annascaul Black Pudding, was first made at our shop, Ashe’s, back in 1916. annascaul_black_and_white_pudding.jpg

white puddingWe are delighted to continue this tradition. This black pudding is uniquely block shaped and is smooth in texture unlike other black puddings. It is one of the very few remaining black puddings made with fresh blood from our family abbatoir.

The Annascaul Traditional Irish Pork Sausage evolved from much customer research and tastings! We now have a sausage that is significantly lower in fat than competing sausages and that we hope you will find to be “peppery, porky perfection”!

Sausage rolls are a very popular lunch and lunchbox item. As the sausage meat has less than half of the fat of other sausages, the result is a very tasty sausage roll.

For black pudding lovers, we have a pork and black pudding sausage -a great marriage of tastes.

Our traditional and smoked rashers are Dry Cured. We hand rub prime Irish pork cuts with our own blend of spices and seasonings. We thick slice them for maximum flavour. No residue when cooking!



Annascaul Black Pudding

Annascaul Black Pudding is a hand-made pudding, cake baked in a steam oven to a traditional family recipe that has been handed down through the family since 1916. It is one of the few remaining black puddings made from fresh blood. All ingredients are locally sourced. It is a low fat health food. A 100g slice of this pudding is double the adult iron requirement. It is smooth in texture and this makes it a versatile ingredient of the traditional Irish breakfast, starters, canapés or main courses.

Weight 300g


Irish white pudding

Annascaul White Pudding

Annascaul White Pudding is a hand-made pudding, cake baked in a steam oven. It has a soft texture, is spicy and bursting with flavour. This pudding uses only back bacon and gammon and this contributes to its uniqueness. A very versatile ingredient, it is an essential element of our traditional fry, is used as a starter in many restaurants and can be served hot or cold.

Weight 300g


Annascaul Black Pudding Co:


Annascaul Black Pudding Co.’s website includes an online shop that allows you to buy our handmade Black pudding, White pudding, Rashers and home made traditional pork sausages from the comfort of your own home.

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